Collecting Badges

Scouting Thanks Badges

Scout Thanks badges are awarded for good service to an adult, both within and out of the Movement. We have divided the different styles in to "type".

Type 1 this badge was the fore runner to the thanks badge, silver hallmarked 1909, patent ref on rear Reg 544482 which checking with the patent office was registered to the scout association as “salute” 

Type 2 BP said the fylfot could be used as a thank you and given to people who had given scouting some sort of service. Headquarters gazette June 1910

Type 3 Scouts started to embellish the fylfot before awarding to supporters of scouting

Type 4 The Scout association started issuing the badge portion to allow them to be affixed to the fylfot.

Type 5 the association produced the first thanks badges with the fylfot, picture shown in POR 1917, These were both with an applied fylfot and integral fylfot

Type 6 the scout association changed to the scout sign. 1923 to 1936, These were both with an applied fylfot and integral fylfot

Type 7 enamal 1936 to 1937

Type 8 belt thanks 1937 to 1970. Although these versions were commonly known as a belt design, they were still either Pendants or Badges, They were not designed to go on a trouser belt. 

Type 9 round thanks 1970 to 2002, The 1970 to 2002 badges were all made with a round design in either Silver or a white metal 

Type 10 post 2002 Pin Badge Square.