Collecting Badges

Scout Leaders Meritorious Conduct Awards & Medals

Awards and decorations and their emblems are worn immediately above the right breast pocket or in that position on a blouse, dresses or sweatshirts. The award knot is sewn to the uniform for every day wear and the medal is pinned directly above for ceremonious occasions to cover the knot.

Awards are worn in the order, Gallantry, Meritorious conduct; good service, The Chief scouts Personal Award, then Long service decoration, starting from the middle of the uniform and working outwards. The Cornwell Scout Badge and its emblem are worn above this line of emblems.

The Highest Meritorious Award is the Chief Scouts Medal for Meritorious conduct, then the Chief Scouts Commendation for Meritorious Conduct, then The Chief Scouts Certificate for Meritorious Conduct.

Bars to Meritorious awards can be given for second occasion of similar standing.