Collecting Badges

Rabbit Farmer Blue

Rabbit Farmer Blue

Rabbit Farmer Scout Badge Blue Woven and Bound 1938 to 1947

The Rabbit Farmer Badge was worn on right arm in between the shoulder and elbow.

To earn this badge a scout must do the following*

Must have kept and reared rabbits for at least one

(2) Distinguish and explain the best breeds for fur and ?esh production.

(3) Know up-to-date marketing requirements in ?esh and fur.

(4) Be able to kill and skin a rabbit and dress it in current style for market.

(5) Be able to recognise six non-cultivated rabbit food plants.

(6) Be able to discuss intelligently values of various grain and other foods for rabbits.

(7) Be able to explain the symptoms of the elementary rabbit diseases.

(8) Have a working knowledge of requirements for housing rabbits in good health, etc.

(9) Be able to construct a simple but useful hutch.

*The Requirements for each badge varied through issues of POR.