Collecting Badges

Observer Khaki

Observer Khaki

Observer Scout Badge Khaki Woven and Bound 1934 to 1967

The Observer was worn on the Right arm in between the shoulder and elbow.

A scout could not gain any more than 6 proficiency badges before gaining a First Class scout badge.

To earn this badge a scout must do the following *

(1) In Kim’s game remember 24 out of 30 well assorted articles after one minute’s observation. Test to be performed twice running with different articles and each article to be correctly described.

(2) By hearing alone, recognise 8 out of 10 simple sounds.

(3) Follow two simple nature trails each of half a mile length and each containing between 20 and 30 signs made of natural material. Tests to be performed over ground with which the Scout is unfamiliar and, if possible in varying weather conditions.

(4) Give an accurate account of an incident lasting not less than a minute and involving at least three persons. This report, oral or written, must include a full description of one of the persons involved, selected by the Examiner.

*The Requirements for each badge varied through issues of POR