Collecting Badges



Observer Wolf Cub Badge 1916 to 1928

Before a Wolf Cub could earn this badge they must say the following promise I will do my best to keep on practising observing after I have won my badge

Badges are worn on the right arm in parallel rows between the shoulder and elbow

To achieve the Observer Badge you had to do the following*

Must know something of the history and habits of five British animals (wild); Or birds ; Or know the names and appearance of 20 British flowers or trees ; and what common plants (berries, etc), are poisonous to animals and human beings. Must be able to distinguish mushrooms from poisonous toadstools, and know the danger of eating the latter. (Alternative to mushroom test, for town boys only: Know the seasons at which different kinds of fruit and vegetables can be obtained in the greengrocers’ shops, and their approximate prices. Must be able to track by landmarks, compass direction or ground signs.

Must be able to play Kim's Game, “shop window” or  “advertisement ­hoarding.”

* The requirements did vary through the years in POR.