Collecting Badges


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Navigator Activities Cub Badge post 2002

Activity badges are worn on the left hand sleeve and in the order in which they were earned

To gain this badge, Cub Scouts must complete the following:

1.       With other Cub Scouts, go for a walk with a leader around the local area. Take it in turns to use one or more of the following methods of navigation:

a.       written instructions

b.       taped instructions

c.        road signs

d.       tracking signs

e.        maps.

2.       By drawing a simple map, direct someone from your meeting place to a local railway station, bus stop, hospital, doctor, post office, etc.

3.       Using a local street map, find certain roads and places of interest as requested by a leader.

4.       Help plan, or take part in, a treasure hunt, using clues, directions and signs to reach an unknown destination.