Collecting Badges

Musician Khaki

Musician Khaki

Musician Scout Badge Khaki Woven and Bound 1934 to 1967

The Musician was worn on the Right arm in between the shoulder and elbow.

A scout could not gain any more than 6 proficiency badges before gaining a First Class scout badge.

To earn this badge a scout must do the following *

(1) Demonstrate that he knows the meaning of time signatures and the ordinary music signs denoting pitch and length of notes

(2) Read at Sight two test tunes, either singing unaccompanied or playing on an instrument. N .B.Take tests should be about the standard of the simpler songs of “Folk Songs for Schools” or “The Fellowship Song Book.

(3) Either Sing two songs, chosen by himself, one of them a folk or traditional song. The songs should be suitable for unaccompanied singing at a camp-?re.) Sing a part (treble or alto) in a part-song or sing a song with a chorus and lead the chorus at a camp-?re. Play two tunes chosen by him, one fast and one slow, on 2 pipes or other instrument. Whistle or sing a tune with a good chorus or train and lead a small party of whistlers or singers in a tune at a camp-?re.

*The Requirements for each badge varied through issues of POR