Collecting Badges

Friend to Animals Khaki

Friend to Animals Khaki

Friend to Animals Scout Badge Khaki Woven and Bound 1934 to 1947

The Friends to Animals Badge was worn on right arm in between the shoulder and elbow.

To earn this badge a scout must do the following*

Have a thorough knowledge of:

(1) Know from practical observation how to rear young trees, including preparation of soil, how and when to transplant, and the right season for thinning and felling.

(2) Know generally how a tree lives and produces its "species, how to deal with wounds and have a. Knowledge of the agencies which cause them. Understand the danger of ?re in forests.

(3) Have knowledge of the growth and development of 12 different species of trees in the locality, and be able to recognise them at a distance, at any season of the year, as well as by the bark, leaf, and fruit; and know their chief respective uses when converted into timber.

(4) Know the normal types of axes in general use and name their parts. Know how to select an axe, how to take care of it, and the safety rules of axe manship.

(5) Use a felling axe to fell a tree of at least 36-inch girth and understand the use of cross-cut saw and wedges.

(6) Know the general principles of felling, trimming, logging-up, moving and stacking timber.

(7) Calculate the amount of useful timber in a given tree.

*The Requirements for each badge varied through issues of POR.ct information