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Entertainer Blue

Entertainer Blue

Entertainer Scout Badge Blue Woven and Bound 1934 to 1947

The Entertainer Badge was worn on the Right arm in between the shoulder and elbow.

To earn this badge a scout must do the following*

Have a thorough knowledge of:

(1) Entertain by himself for at least I0 minutes with a varied programme from the following: Recitations, songs, conjuring tricks, character sketches, stories, ventriloquism, stump speeches, step-dancing, playing the banjo, penny whistle, mouth organ, etc.; or rehearse and present a play for his Patrol, lasting not less than 20 minutes; or be judged by his performance in a play of Group show.

(2) The performance in each of these oases shall have taken place before a. mixed audience, and to the satisfaction of an independent examiner.

*The Requirements for each badge varied through issues of POR.