Collecting Badges

Boatswain Mate Blue

Boatswain Mate Blue

Boatswain Mate 1929 to 1934 Blue Ribbon Scout Badge

The Boatswain Badge was worn on the Right arm in between the shoulder and elbow.

A scout could not gain any more than 6 proficiency badges before gaining a First Class scout badge.

To earn this badge a scout must do the following

(1) Repair a small leak in a pulling boat by means of a Tingle or apply a canvas patch to a kayak.

(2) Be able to make the following Bends and Hitches: Timber Hitch, Rolling Hitch, Marline Spike Hitch, Black wall Hitch, Midshipman’s Hitch, Fisherman’s Bend, Carrick Bend, Bowline on Bight, Running Bowline, Cat’s paw, and be able to mouse a hook; Short and Eye Splices, Single Wall and Crown and a Matthew Walker.

(3) Make a fender, either of rope or canvas, suitable for a pulling boat. (4) Take a leading part in cleaning and painting a boat. (5) Know the contents of a Boat’s Bag.

(6) Make the following on a Bosun’s call : Dinner, The Carry On, Away Ship’s Boat, Lash Up and stow. The Still, Pipe Down.