Collecting Badges



Astronomer Activities Cub Badge post 2002

Activity badges are worn on the left hand sleeve and in the order in which they were earned

To gain this badge, Cub Scouts must complete the following:

1.       Make a model or draw a simple diagram of the solar system.

2.       Explain the difference between a planet and a star.

3.       Identify three constellations.

4.       Find out about and present some information on the two of the following: planets, comets, the northern lights, the sun, eclipses, meteorites, black holes, the moon, light years, space exploration or any other space-related subject.

5.       Observe the moon, if possible using binoculars or a telescope. Describe some of its features.

6.       Know how to locate and identify the pole star. Know how explorers used it to navigate and plot courses.