Collecting Badges
This Web site is for young and old to explore the badges & collectibles available to Scouts of the present and Scouts in years gone by, right back to 1908 and before!

It represents the bringing together of collections from around the Country and although a long way from being complete is a good start to what is available to collect.

Only when a badge has been identified and confirmed as correct will it be entered as genuine.

Supporting information is taken from Headquarters publications of the time and where there are discrepancies they are noted.

We rely on interested Collectors, Historians or Leaders to assist by providing information or pictures to build this site.

We will also explore the difficult world of copies, forgeries, replicas and fakes to try to prevent non original items being passed off as correct.

Please feel free to register and assist in this mammoth task of recording our history through badges and other Scouting collectibles.