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Hobbies Khaki

Hobbies Khaki

Hobbies Scout Badge Khaki Woven and Bound 1934 to 1967

The Hobbies was worn on the Right arm in between the shoulder and elbow.

A scout could not gain any more than 6 proficiency badges before gaining a First Class scout badge.

To earn this badge a scout must do the following *

(1) Produce an article of practical use in basket, cane, rushes or straw work, made entirely by himself (2) Show a general knowledge of the raw material used, where it is obtained and how it is Prepared for working.

ALTERNATIVE. Bind a book, including the following operations: (1) Prepare the parts or sections for sewing and sew sections on tapes. (2) Fold and paste on end-papers, glue up and line with mull, round the back and add second (3) Cut boards and cover with cloth or paper, and put book into case.